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Every government must take utmost care in spending taxpayer money, or risk severe political backlash.

In B.C. the "fast ferries" fiasco is a good example of political backlash. So was the attempt to implement an HST tax. Different Premiers, from different parties, paid for their personal agenda arrogance with their political careers, and ongoing contempt directed toward them by the public.

The proposed Massey Bridge has all the earmarkings of another "Made in B.C." fiasco, an agenda that appears to be driven by little more than political arrogance and ego, while pillaging the hard-pressed taxpayer.  

The Massey tunnel traffic bottleneck MUST be fixed. Everyone agrees.

Like most problems though, there are different solutions. In this case, there are two solutions 1) build a bridge or 2) add additional tunnels. 



                                                                  So the bridge will cost $5.0 BILLION ( the purported $3.5 billion is

                                                                  a myth ), and the tunnels would cost $500mm ...... a fraction of the

                                                                  cost o f a bridge.

                                                                  Which is a better deal for taxpayers ? 


 Hint: The answer is obvious except for politicians hell-bent on their personal agenda with complete disregard  for your  tax money that should be going to school seismic upgrades, updating hospitals, and social support.

Additional hints in making a choice:

1) The tunnels are a PROVEN method of crossing the Fraser River, with a PERFECT safety record, and minimal environmental impact. When every new bridge was shut down in the 2017 snow storm due to safety reasons, the tunnel was open. 

2)  Tunnels can be installed in a fraction of the time needed to build a bridge, and quickly alleviate traffic congestion.

3) Fiscal buffoonery. The new Port Mann bridge, has been losing $86 MILLION a year and is projected to lose that      much for 41 of its 50 year life expectancy. And the government wants to repeat that fiscal lunacy in Richmond ? 

So what can you do ?  Take action !

Like fast ferry or HST push-back, support a political party which will follow due process, and respects your heavy tax burden. An election is coming. That bridge money is YOUR money. Vote accordingly.

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In both cases they can move the same amount of traffic. So which is the intelligent choice? Why the least expensive, especially in consideration of the hard=pressed taxpayer. 

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