Three strikes, and government credibility is "out".

Todd Stone and his "stone-age" decision ?

STRIKE 1 -- Transportation Minister Todd Stone has repeatedly asserted that the proposed Massey Bridge would be connected to mass transit, especially in a bit of pathetic theatre of his called "Myth Busting".  Really ?

How about the complete story Mr. Stone? Buying a fleet of transit busses to cross the bridge is not "transit".

The FACT is that the proposed bridge deck is far too steep for the most popular means of mass transit, the Skytrain.  So now, with BILLIONS invested in Skytrain, you propose that we spend BILLIONS more to build a bridge to forever prohibit Skytrain from connecting Vancouver and the Airport with the Tsawwassen ferry terminal, or south Surrey ? Todd Stone, stop the buffoonery.  Todd Stone, stop deleting "hundreds of emails a day" to hide the TRUTH.

Skytrain could easily cross the Fraser in a tunnel, taking THOUSANDS of vehicles off the road !  What will a bridge do ? A bridge will force thousands of cars, trucks and busses ON TO THE ROAD because there would be no other way to cross the Fraser. 

Does the bridge "plan" make make sense in alleviating traffic, or is going to make traffic worse ?  Is it a 2017 solution, or a 1950 solution ? You decide. 


STRIKE 2 - The government frequently has claimed that a bridge will eliminate 13,000 tonnes of carbon a year. Really ?  Where are these vehicles going ? Why up to the next bottleneck in the road, the Oak Street bridge in Vancouver where they will ADD 13,000 tonnes a year. To infer that the carbon is removed entirely is a gross misrepresentation by the government. The fact is, if Port of Vancouver trucks were banned from the Massey tunnel, and the Port open 24/7 like every other one in North America, there would be no traffic problem !  

STRIKE 3 - And last of all, just how much carbon is going to be produced building this bridge Mr. Stone ? Has that amount been offset against any purported gains by having a bridge. Oh course not, that would require a Business Plan and government transparency. 

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