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No business plan. Thats a serious problem when spending $5.0 BILLION of OUR hard earned money taken by taxation. 

Yet Todd Stone, Minister of Transportation seems to think thats "ok". So does the Premier......... after all, the ability of government to tax is limitless, isn't it. Its not that YOU need the money that YOU earned by hard work. After all, you already pay more in taxes than food, shelter and everything else added up together. 

There is no objective Business Plan, and from this, it is obvious that a lot of the governments assertions concerning their choice of a bridge are questionable.  "Hot air" and "smoke and mirrors" ?  You decide. How do we know that there is no plan ? Because as reported by Vancouver Sun columnist Vaughn Palmer, despite the governments assertion that there is one, a Freedom of Information request response stated that there is not.

Even worse, when the risks and environmental assessment documents were requested under the Freedom of information Act, they were delivered with the sections REDACTED -- in other words, blacked out, to hide the information from the public. Transparent decision  ? Not at all. Have the risks been mitigated ? Obviously not !  Enough is enough with this deception, and secrecy.

As stated by one citizen, "Premier Christine Clark, we the citizens of British Columbia call upon you to post the complete Business Plan for the Massey Bridge on the internet so that every citizen can see, with complete transparency, the purported integrity of your decision process.  Without such transparency, the integrity of your decision making process, and government, questions the very integrity of your government".  Further, was the Plan fabricated after the decision to build a bridge, to accommodate an ill-conceived notion after-the-fact, or is there documentation to indicate that the decision was based on a long, intelligent analysis of the Plan ?  

" Fail to plan ..... plan to fail........"