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in protection of

the fraser river

Fraser Voices

A credible environmental assessment is one that is done by an "arms length" organization, with no bias, perceived or otherwise.  It would be an honest, transparent assessment in compliance with both the law, and the prevailing expectations of the community at large. 

For any organization such as the provincial government to do its own "assessment", then hide behind triple-deleted emails and shredded meeting notes is offensive to all citizens.  To resist publishing the provincial  "assessment"  (if one even exists) in full on the internet for all citizens to view is an affront to open, honest government. 

Equally problematic, and susceptible to bias, is having the Port of Vancouver do its own assessments, when the Directors of the Port represent industry only, and do not represent the community at large. Biased stewardship yields biased decisions, a situation unacceptable to the community. 

We call upon the federal government, in particular the Honourable Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, to leave a legacy of integrity and statesmanship, by calling for a federal environmental review of the proposed bridge, as well as all related Port activity on the lower Fraser River. 

If the provincial government "assessment" has any integrity,

then the Premier should have no objections whatsoever,

because a federal assessment would confirm provincial findings.

Bridge or tunnel, let's ensure that the decision is based on

objective fact.  

Integrity. Is it too much to ask for ?