Citizen Voices united

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the fraser river

Fraser Voices

Richmond Taxpayers Alliance

The Richmond Taxpayers Alliance is a non-partisan organization affiliated with a growing network of taxpayer groups in Canada, as well as the Canadian Taxpayer Federation. The apparent lack of transparency, with-holding of critical information, as well as possible misinformation by the Port and politicians are concerns of the Alliance  in regard to the plan to build a Massey Bridge. ​For more information please visit:

Kinder Morgan Pipeline Opposition groups.

Fraser-Voices is pleased to have the support of numerous Kinder Morgan pipeline opposition groups which are now re-focusing and consolidating their opposition to industrialization of the Fraser River with the proposed building of a Massey Bridge. With a number of these groups, comes additional support from international environmental organizations. For more information please visit any of the following sites:



Harvest Power Opposition

Another result of bullying Port management running rough shod over the public, Harvest Power is producing a massive volume of toxic gasses from composting green waste. The land is owned by the Port. What is the Port doing? Nothing. For more information please visit:Stop the Stink Richmond Facebook

Community Alliances: 

Terminal 2 Delta Port

The Port of Vancouver is attempting to add a second terminal to the existing Delta Port facilities, despite its highly destructive environmental impact. With a shoddy business case, and a refusal to look at other alternatives, it is time to hold the Port to account as well as the politicians disseminating misleading information.  For more information please

Community Alliances ! 

We are all in this together. What happens in one part of the community, affects every other part of it.

For this reason, the following member organizations now stand together, united in the fight for community well being, and environmental responsibility.  Together we intend to make a difference.  As non-partisan organizations, we hold all politicians and bureaucrats accountable for their decisions, and applaud those which uphold the values of our communities at large. Together, it is estimated that we now represent over 9,500 members of the community.  

Jet Fuel Project Opposition

The Vancouver airport Authority wants to barge jet fuel up the Fraser River to a new terminal, then pipe it across Richmond to the airport. With an accident on the river being inevitable, this project threatens every species on the river with decades of residual pollution. For more information please visit: